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Alyce has dedicated her time and efforts towards women entrepreneurs starting and expanding their business.  As an Alum of Webster University, Herndon served as a model for many others surrounding her, through her drive, ambition, and wealth of knowledge. She understands the power of education, which has allowed her to obtain multiple degrees from Webster including, a Bachelors in Psychology, Masters in Management and Leadership, a Certificate in Not for Profit Management, and currently completing a Doctorate in Business. While she was a student at Webster, Alyce served as the Assistant Director and managed the doctoral program for student advisory.

In December 2014, a shift in her journey led her to Grace Hill Women’s Business Center (GHWBC). Not only did her passion lead her to GHWBC, but provided a reward to continue to create a seat at the table for women of color.

“Alyce Herndon is a committed connector and advocate for small business development throughout the region.  Her gifts and talents are uniquely poised to advance the role of women of color, indeed all marginalized Americans, by creating access to the tools and mentors that make it possible to succeed in small business. 

This is the real work of advancing social equity, creating jobs, and empowering communities.” 

- Laura P. Kozak, Former Interim President, Grace Hill Settlement House

Alyce is truly an outstanding teacher, professional, and mentor. As an adjunct professor at Lindenwood University, she facilitates the cap-stone course for the MBA program. The course allows Alyce to provide students the insight into business development services, and understanding the entrepreneurial journey. She is clearly a champion for entrepreneurs no matter the environment. 


Founder & CEO of Onyx Business Consulting


With the work and proper intention, one can draw on good fortune

-Dr. A. Herndon

In every session of 1:1 meetings or training, the intention is to walk away with more information that is actionable than when we first met. #letsgrow


Onyx Business Consulting

On behalf of Small Business Monthly, Alyce has been recognized and awarded as a Hall of Fame recipient. The award comes with highlighting the importance of business development, contributing to increased resources for small business owners. 


As Executive Director of  Grace Hill Women's Business Center, Alyce was honored by Legal Services of Eastern Missouri (LSEM) with the Melton M. Lewis Equal Justice Award. As a partnership with Legal Services’ Community Economic Development Microenterprise Program, Alyce has helped provide legal information for new women business owners.


Alyce Herndon is being recognized as a small business champion for women business owners. Valeda's Hope recognizes Alyce as Business Woman of the Year for 2019 where she offers her services to ensure women business owners are positioned for growth.


With St. Louis, Missouri being ranked as a top five city for women entrepreneurs, Herndon and her dedication as an advocate, has led her to be a recipient of Top 100 St. Louisans You Should Know in Business.