In an unexpected world, knowing how to adapt to change, inspire, and transform an existing state are all essential elements in personal and professional development. Onyx Business Consulting (OBC) was created based on providing an avenue to maneuver through challenges, and elevate towards the highest potential available. Onyx Business Consulting works with both individuals and businesses seeking assistance and resources to successfully maintain a strong foundation, evolving into increases in profitability, productivity, sustainability, and overall value.


Part of our mission is to focus on having the "entrepreneurial spirit". Regardless if you are a small business owner or contributor, maintaining the spirit of an entrepreneur is critical to one's growth. Through research, we've learned people positively respond to an allowance of flexibility, creativity, and meaningful contributions towards a goal and purpose. Through such factors, Onyx Business Consulting is here to strategically pull the "entrepreneurial spirit" out of each client in order to position for growth and empower new levels of achievement. 

Together, we can create new standards of excellence. So, now we ask, "Are you ready to grow?"


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-Coach Kim Burke-

Queen Kim Enterprises, LLC

Alyce is passionate about building businesses from the ground up. Her expertise lies in ensuring that businesses are credible and marketable. If you are serious about growing your business, then you need Alyce. She will educate you on every step you need to take, so get ready to grow your business today.

-Melissa Lewis-

The Majestic Group, LLC

The informational session you presented was nothing short of amazing. I’m so excited to take this next step in my journey to build my business and to be able to serve the Senior community. I appreciate you being a guiding light in my journey. Your force encourages me to keep moving forward. I thank you for that. 

-Adrienne Jones-

Ak Media Solutions, LLC

Alyce has definitely opened the door for me when it comes to business. With her knowledgeable background, she nudged me in the direction that I envisioned as my pathway for a small business owner. I'm not really good with the paperwork side of it all. So, Alyce stepped in and helped me get set up as an LLC. I not only look up to her in business, but also as a mentor. I can truly say I'm in the right hands.

-Angenita Mabins-

Standing on Faith Ministries

Alyce has been an inspiration. She has truly helped me elevate my business. She is truly a woman who has wisdom in the nonprofit sector. Alyce has helped me with my bylaws, my fundraisers, and even my conference. Thank you for being you and helping me get to the next level. 

-David Lee-

The OML Project

Alyce's extensive knowledge of

small business has assisted in supporting our organization to become better organized and helped our board with compliance. Glad to have Onyx offer solutions we can use immediately! 

-Raenice Banks-

R. Banks Events, LLC

I have known Alyce for quite some time and on many levels. When it comes to being professional, she is. Professional!!! Alyce is someone you want on your team working on your behalf. She will listen, plan, strategize and make it look effortless.

-Charity Lee-

Charity Lee Hair Design, LLC

Ms. Herndon is very knowledgeable about business best practices. She made a great effort to assist me with identifying the needs of my business and proposing effective solutions.